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What is

Afrimart is Africa’s first intra-continental online business-to-business trade platform. This platform is designed to create new business opportunities for African SMEs and general merchants on the quest for growth and expansion by creating visibility and accessibility to African buyers and suppliers

What are the benefits of joining Afrimart?

  • Visibility and accessibility to African buyers and suppliers
  • Free membership for a year
  • Payment security
  • Supplier verification
  • Network of logistics partners
  • Location based lead generation
  • Ecosystem of payment partners (Afrexim & other payment companies)
  • Business tools for sellers: analytics, inventory management, selling tips, etc.
  • Multilingual platform
  • Growth and scale opportunity for African manufacturing industries.

Is there a fee to join Afrimart?

  • There is no fee for joining Afrimart. So you can join Afrimart for free.
  • For those wishing to list products on the platform, there are listing fees.

Does Afrimart sell products?

  • No, Afrimart is neither a supplier nor a buyer.

How do I place an order?

  1. 1 Search for the product(s) you want OR request a quotation for the product and a matched supplier(s) may respond to you
  2. 2 Once you’ve identified your desired product, contact the supplier to initiate the buying process
  3. 3 Once you’re ready to make a payment, click here to pay using our Secure Escrow Platform

Can I have a copy of my Invoice from you?

  • Invoices are provided by the supplier

How do I change the price to my local currency?

Afrimart integrates a currency converter that automatically tracks your current country location and shows prices in your local currency. You can also view prices in the currency of the country you’re transacting with and in US$ for reference

What is the Badges of Excellence Program and how do I join?

Afrimart Badges are based on ratings and ranking criteria that track your activities on the platform. Therefore this system is automated and assigns badges corresponding to certain milestones, much like loyalty points

How do I become a verified seller? What are the advantages?

To join, you need to have your business profile information verified. Click here and follow the steps to get verified

How do I attract more buyers?

  • Become a verified seller
  • Make sure the product picture has a high resolution (always use flash on the camera, even in natural light). Be sure that the environment is clean and attractive to look at.
  • Close-up pictures draw more attention
  • Create catchy headings with popular keywords
  • Don’t overemphasize or be too dramatic when describing the product, it comes off as dishonest…keep it as simple and detailed as possible
  • Be competitive with prices, make sure you are within the range of other similar product offerings
    • Maintain great communication with buyers, respond to emails quickly
    • Ship within 24 hours if possible, otherwise, keep it within the stated time frame
    • Keep your customer as happy as possible
    • Be as honest and accurate about the product (this prevents returns)
    • Leave positive feedbacks for buyers and they will more than likely, do the same

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