Price Quotes

Price Quotes

Before making a large purchase you might want to get quotes from  multiple suppliers in order to choose a suitable business partner. You can send quote requests to targeted suppliers, or post a buyer requirement lead available to all suppliers of that product you wish to buy. The suppliers can then send you their pricing and specifications from which you can select the one that best suits you. This can save you a lot of  time in sourcing, while you easily compare offers and responses from multiple suppliers in a more seamless way.


Tell us what you need

Post your buy requirement to get the best deals from our network of verified suppliers.


Get seller details

We will send you the most relevant supplier contact details directly to your Afrimart account message inbox, as well as on your registered email address, and or mobile number.


Get the best deals

Accurate information about the product will help link you to suppliers and get you the best quotes.


One stop solution for all your requirements

Get quotes for all your enquiries stress free and at no cost.

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