We have launched our initial on-boarding program. Please contact us if you wish to participate as a pioneer merchant on Afrimart.
"Go Live" date will be communicated in the coming days.
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What is Afrimart?

  • Afrimart is the first pan-Africa focused B2B marketplace with the central aim of creating an infrastructure to support the rapid growth of intra-Africa and seamless trade of African goods and services with the rest of the world.
  • In a word,, Afrimart will be to Africa what Alibaba was and still is to China and IndiaMart is to India.
  • Africa is by far the lowest in terms of continental or regional trade around the world. Africa simply does not trade with itself enough nor efficiently.
  • Africa also records the lowest in terms of Global trade. Africa does not trade with the rest of the world at any appreciable parity.
  • Intra-Africa trade is fraught with many roadblocks which can be surmounted by the proper will, planning and deployment of infrastructure to support this endeavor.
  • The most important factor limiting Africa trade in this digital age is market linkages and the automation required thereof to facilitate the linkage.
  • The Afrimart.com platform fills this market linkage gap. Afrimart will deploy a world class highly robust and scalable platform that will become Africa's Global Marketplace.

Who will the beneficiaries of Afrimart be?

  • General SME's
  • African Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers of all classes of goods
  • Commodities traders
  • Farmers
  • Artisans
  • Import & Export companies
  • Service providers
  • Logistics companies
  • Payment processors
  • Large African Industries
  • ...And many more

Afrimart will be the following

  • Largest trade connection platform in Africa
  • Driver for Intra-Africa trade using technology
  • Complete ecosystem that allows other partners, governments and agencies to plug into the Africa trade solution
  • Largest information portal for trade related news, data, opportunities and access to the African farmer, manufacturer, producer, artisan and much more
  • Multi-facet platform that plugs into the goals of the AfDB, Afriexim bank and other financial and trade institutions driving trade in Africa
  • The SME center for intra-Africa connection, trade and standardization
  • One stop shop for all things African Trade


Key Features

  • Intuitive Listing Engine
  • Merchant Microsites
  • Integrated Ecosystem with Payment & Logistics partners
  • Verified Suppliers
  • Multi-lingual platform


Contact Us

Register and we will update you via email about our launch. As a merchant type in afriexhibits as reference; your country and name/buisness name, type of business, for a chance to become one of the first 5,000 sellers launching with the platform accross Africa.

All prospective buyers are invited to register freely upon the launch of Afrimart.